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Dentist in Indianapolis

If you’re looking for an excellent dentist in Irvington, the office of Brian E. Nunley, DDS invites you and your family members to come and smile at our state-of-the-art dental office! Highly skilled in addressing the oral healthcare needs of patients of all ages, Dr. Nunley is Irvington’s premier source for quality preventive, restorative, emergency, prosthetic and cosmetic dentistry services. Making use of the latest advancements in treatment technology and techniques, we welcome you to come and experience the warmth, skill, and human touch which distinguishes our practice.

As a lifelong Indiana resident, Dr. Brian E. Nunley’s commitment to providing the highest quality oral care to his community has been enriched by the deep ties, and longstanding relationships he’s developed with his patients over the years. Since earning his dental degree at the Indiana University School of Dentistry in 1980, Dr. Nunley has remained dedicated to keeping current with the latest research, and innovations in the field, as an active member of the American Dental Association, Indiana Dental Association, and Indianapolis District Dental Society. Dr. Nunley enjoys treating patients of all ages, and welcomes the opportunity to help you feel great about your smile!

Emphasizing a preventive approach to dentistry, your dentist in Irvington encourages patients to visit at least twice a year for oral exams and professional teeth cleanings. Comprehensive oral examinations allow your dentist to carefully monitor the health of your teeth, gums, and jaws. Performing a thorough clinical exam and taking diagnostic films as needed, a host of dental issues can be spotted which might have otherwise gone unnoticed. Adept in teaching patients how to get the most out of their at-home oral care, Dr. Nunley can provide instruction in the best tips, tricks, and techniques for maintaining excellent oral hygiene, whether you have crooked teeth, have implants, crowns or dentures, or if you are caring for your young children’s oral health. Our pediatric patients receive additional treatments to strengthen and shield their teeth from dental decay and as your Irvington dentist; we are an excellent resource for any questions or concerns you may have about your children’s teeth.

Making use of the highest dental grade restorative and prosthetic materials, if you’ve damaged or lost any teeth, Dr. Nunley can help to restore your smile with seamless results! From the most durable fillings and custom crowns, matched to the shade, shape and proportions of your teeth, to tailor-made bridges, partial and full dentures, fabricated with stunning realism and suited to your exact needs, Dr. Nunley has got you covered! Patients interested in cosmetic services for their smile will have an assortment of the most leading-edge options to choose from. From professional grade teeth whitening, to porcelain dental veneers, you’ll be able to lighten, touch up, or completely makeover you smile. Our take-home whitening system enables you to achieve dramatic results on your own schedule. Using a set of custom fitted dental trays, you can comfortably administer your treatment, for safe, even and effective results.

Our experienced dentist is also a dependable resource in the event of a dental emergency in Irvington. From chipped and cracked fillings, bridges and dentures, to toothaches and dental injuries, Dr. Nunley provides state-of-the-art urgent dental care, with the compassion, skill, and gentle touch you deserve. As a cozy, family-friendly neighborhood tucked away in the greater Indianapolis area, Irvington is welcoming community with a rich history. Whether you’ve come to view our National Scenic Byway, the beautiful architecture of our Bona Thompson Memorial Library, or to check out the Irving Theatre, there’s something for everyone here in Irvington.

If you live in Irvington, or nearby in Bosart Brown, Little Flower, or Eastgate, consider visiting our highly skilled dentist, right here at the office of Brian E. Nunley, DDS. Conveniently located on Washington Street, between North Pasadena Street and North Irwin Street, we’re easy to reach by car or the number 8 bus! We look forward to providing you and your family with the excellent quality care you each deserve!